Seven Famous Female Cyclists in the World (Part 1)

Competitive cycling is one of the great challenging sports in the world. To rank among the best of the best, cyclists have to show true heart and real dedication. The followings are a list of seven famous women cyclists who changed the world’s history of the sport.

1/Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos is one of the most famous and successful female cyclists in the world. During her cycling career, Vos has achieved an insane amount of accomplishments. She has won two Olympic gold medals, the world championship road race for three times, the world cyclocross championship for seven times, and the UCI Women’s Road World Cup for five times. With many more victories, she surely gains a few more to come eventually. 

2/ Fabiana Luperini

Fabiana Leperini is one of the greatest female cyclists with plenty of victories in her career. She won the Giro d’Italia Femminile for five times, marking a record of the championship. The unique thing is that four of these wins were consecutive from 1995-1998, while the fifth was a decade later.  

Besides the Giro d’Italia Femminile, Leperini won the Grande Boucle Feminine for three consecutive times from 1995 to 1997. She also won Tour de l’Aude in 1998 and the Meakumeen Bira in 2006.

3/ Jeannine Longo

Jeannine Longo is famous for winning more than 1,000 cycling races from the late 1970s to the early 2000s. During the period, she won 13 world championships.

The wins included four world-championship road races in late 1980s and another in 1995, marking a record total for one cyclist. Besides, Longo won three consecutive attempts at the women’s Tour de France. 

When she was over 50 years old, Jeannine Longo eventually did retire. However, she is still the most famous cyclist in the world.

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