Seven Tips for Beginner Cyclists

There are millions of people riding bikes per year, and the number is increasing all the time. With more riders on the roads and the trails, these tips for beginner cyclists will help you ride safer.

1/ Choose suitable bike

With beginners, a bike that fits your body will make the ride easier and more efficient. A suitable bike will cause you much less pain and soreness during and after the riding. 

2/ Get the right saddle

Besides a good bike, you should get the right saddle, which can make a massive difference for your riding. It is not true that the thickest padding will create the most comfortable ride. A long seat with a cutout will be the best type of saddle. 

3/ Protect your head

The important thing you should do is to protect your head because head injuries cause 60% of all cycling deaths in the world every day. Many of those deaths could have been avoided if everyone had worn a helmet while cycling. Therefore, you should always wear a helmet when beginning riding. 

Many countries have laws on forcing a bike helmet. However, you should wear one even if you do not have too.

4/ Use gear

The gear will help you keep the cadence in the right range of rounds per minute when you climb hills. It will support you in riding up the mountain without putting stress on your knees. 

5/ Change position when riding

You should move your hands around the bars and move your rear end around the saddle. Such positions will keep your hands, arms, and rear from getting numb due to the prolonged time.

6/ Not pedal in high gear for extended periods 

You should try to keep your cadence between 70 and 90 rounds per minute. If you pedal in high gear, it will put added strain on your knees. 

7/ No headphones

It is extremely dangerous if you do not hear an emergency vehicle or other commotions during riding. If you want to have music, you should get a small clip-on radio with a speaker, attaching to your jersey.

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