The Tour de France- World’s Famous Cycling Competition

From using bicycles for transport, recreation, and exercise, people started competitive cycling in the past few decades.

Nowadays, there are many types of the cycling race, including road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, time trialing, mountain bike racing, BMX, track cycling, and cycle speedway. Of which, road bicycle racing is the most popular of all cycling types. The race takes place on roads through cities and countryside.

Meanwhile, time trialing test the speed of a cyclist. This competition takes place on paved roadways. Cyclo-cross is short distances with obstacles and other challenges, requiring riders to dismount bikes and carry them.

Mountain bike racing is held in paved terrain and on off-road terrain while the track cycling is organized on a track in both short distances and long distances.

BMX is another famous cycling race. The cyclist uses Motorcross bicycles powered by a motored engine. Cyclists have to demonstrate speed and maneuverability in off-road dirt tracks. Similar to the track cycling, cycle speedway is held on an outdoor dirt track.

There are many famous professional cycling races in the world. The Tour de France is named the leading position thanks to its long history and prestige. The race was launched by Geo Lefevre in 1901, changing the world of cycling forever. It became one of the oldest and longest cycling competitions in the world. There are no famous bicycle races with such a level of prestige as Tour de France.

The Tour de France is known for generating many famous cyclists worldwide. The tour is a test of pure skill for cyclists. However, they enjoy the race when cruising many places, villages, and beautiful landscapes. They have to pass the competition, which covers around 3,500 kilometers with nine flat stages, six mountain stages, five hilly stages, five high-altitude finishes, and one individual time-trial stage.

The other cycling races in the world are Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, Tour de Suisse, Tour Down Under, and Paris-Nice, among others.

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