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Cycling is a trendy sport across the world, and it attracts some major sponsorship deals as well as media attention. If you are new to cycling and you want to learn more about the sport then this site has all the information you need.

Cycling News

This section covers the latest developments in the cycling space. It even addresses the impact of Covid-19 on the cycling industry. There is a section detailing how cycling has been embraced both as a form of exercise and as a way of maintaining social distance. The section also showcases the latest technological trends when it comes to cycling equipment.

Cycling equipment

Each sport has its equipment that makes the sport enjoyable and keeps the rider safe. When it comes to cycling, this section has all the information about cycling gear and equipment. If you want something trendy and stylish, this section also has something for you.

Cycling champions

Who was the first person to win the Tours de France? Who is the most popular woman in cycling history? To get answers to these and other questions this section has all that information. It even has a prediction for who will likely win the 2020 Tours de France.

International competitions

There are many championships across the world, but not all of them are international championships. These section covers all the International cycling competitions and even uncovers some little known competitions. Not all cycling competitions are equal. Some might be easy, and some are quite hard. However, cyclists enjoy a challenge, and this section highlights some of the most challenging cycling competitions across the globe.