Best cyclists in the world today

Bicycle racing is a world-famous event. There are a lot of fantastic races out there, and the Tour de France is by far the most famous. 

Lance Armstrong led the race 7 years in a row

Christopher Froome 

Christopher Froome is a Kenyan-born British professional sportsman who plays with UCI Proteam Team Sky. It is 1.86m tall and weights 69 kilograms. British riders have won the Tour de France in the following years: 2013, 2015, 2016.

With three victories, Froome became the first British rider in the history of Tour de France to be the world’s most successful road bike race winner.

Alberto Contador 

Alberto Contador is a professional cyclist of the UCI ProTeam. Contador was born in Spain, Madrid. This trailer is 1.76m long and weights 62 kilograms. He took first place in events such as the Tour de France 2007, the Giro d’Italia 2008, the Vuelta a Espana 2008 and the Tour de France 2009.

The wins in the Tour de France 2007 and 2009 are well known among them. For the majority of them. Contador is the 5th rider in history to win all 3 Grand Tours cycle races.

Vincenzo Nibali 

Vincenzo Nibali has been an Italian driver on the Astana team since 2013. Nibali was born in Messina, Italy, is 1.81m tall and weighs 65kg. The Astana team racer is well known to the public since winning the Tour de France 2014.

The Italian displayed excellent results as he wore yellow shirts in 18 of the 21 races.  In addition, he has won several other titles, such as Giro d’Italia (2013), Vuelta a Espana (2010).

Bradley Wiggins 

Bradley Wiggins, born in Belgium, is a British national. He’s on Team Sky’s payroll, and Bradley Wiggins made a name for himself when he became the first UK driver to win the Tour de France in 109 years.

2012 when he was the champion of the tournament. Wiggins has gained quite a lot of distinction in the Olympic arena where he won six medals, including three gold medals.

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