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Best Tips for Family Cycling

Cycling is one of the best leisure activities for your family at the weekend. Here are some tips for family cycling.

1/ Prepare Comfortable Bikes for Each Member

It is very uncomfortable to go on a long bike ride if you do not have a suitable bike that is the right size for you. Therefore, you should prepare bikes for their correct heights. Besides, you should adjust the seat accordingly. These preparations will help you go a long way without any complaints.

2/ Bikes are in Good Repair

No one wants to find out their tires are only halfway filled with air after starting riding. You should check out all bikes before heading out to make sure that they are in good condition.

3/ Wear Helmets

Helmets are important not only for motor riders but also for cyclists. They are not expensive but very important. The price of a helmet from the Amazon platform is only from $10-$20. You should make sure that the helmets fit everyone well before hitting the trail or road.

4/ Wear Comfortable Clothes and Accessories

You should wear comfortable clothing during bike rides. You should wear quality sneakers and not flip flops. Besides, you’d better wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Notably, it is important to apply sunscreen to come home without sunburn. If you do not want to use sunscreen, you can wear full coverage sun shirts.

5/ Stay Hydrated

You will find it easy to dehydrate when cycling. You should pack water and drink frequently. It is a great idea to set an alarm to remind everyone to drink water together. You can purchase many good water bottles on e-commerce platforms.

6/ Start Out Slow

You do not plan to cycle ten miles on the first trip out. You should start with small trips around your neighborhood and work your way to longer bike rides as a family.

Cycling Routes More Attractive than Tour de France (P3)

7/ Pass through Passo Pompaego in Trentino, Northern Italy

One of the most famous cycling routes in Trentino begins in Tesero and passes through Pompaego. The route offers cyclists majestic views in both winter and summer over the dramatic alpine setting.

Cyclists will ride through history as they ride the same ascent as legendary cyclists Pavel Tonko and Marco Pantani when they raced towards the Giro d’Italia finish line in 1998.

However, this is a difficult cycling route and is suited to experienced riders. The trail will take them down a route bursting with incredible mountainous views and picturesque scenery which make the challenging route worthwhile.

8/ Monterey’s 17-mile drive in San Francisco, USA

Monterey’s 17-mile drive is one of the most beautiful and famous cycling routes in the world, with glorious views at every point. It is better experienced for riders to cycle with extra drama to the crashing waves, rugged coastline, and over-the-top mansions.

The route starts in Monterey and goes along the coast to the famed Pebble Beach, with various chances to take photos and stun sunset beach strolls.

9/The Congo Nile trail

Rwanda is described as the land of a thousand hills with incredible wildlife. Those features make it become one of the most remarkable countries in the world.

Known as the greatest cycling route in Rwanda, the 277-kilometer Congo Nile Trail takes you five days to complete. It offers cyclists special views over the expansive body of water, running along with the eastern shore of Lake Kivu.

10/Enjoy a lakeside ride in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to thousands of kilometers of cycling tracks, rugged wilderness trails, and abandoned logging roads. There is no better way to experience a city than riding a bike.

The Waterfront and Greenbelt Route stretching for 1,000 kilometers is one of the most exciting ones for adventurous cyclists. Starting in Hamilton, cyclists will pass through the historical towns, majestic lakes, and rolling provincial parks. They can travel along Lack Huron North Channel’s quiet back roads and serve up rocky shorelines, rushing waterfalls, and flowing rivers.

Cycling Routes More Attractive than Tour de France (P2)

Today, we will continue with three more attractive cycling routes in the world.

4/ Traverse The Great American Rail-Trail, USA

The Great American Rail-Trail is an amazing project which makes use of the formers U.S. railway lines to convert into long-distance walking and cycling routes. Launched in 2019, the Great American Rail-Trail project is expected to create an entire cross-country car-free route to become the first contiguous multi-use pathway across America.

The route is opened in stages. Upon completion, it will offer a safe, seamless, and scenic cycling pathway through the entire country from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Washington. The route will have a total length of over 3,700 miles.

4.5-mile Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail is one of the most picturesque sections of the trail. The route is open for cyclists to enjoy the vast openness of Big Sky Country as well as the backcountry pine tree beauty.

5/ Trace the Danube in Vienna, Austria

It is exciting to get up early and cycling along the Danube, which is the second-longest river in Europe to lead from Germany through Austria to Hungary.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful experience, you can cycle along the Danube Canal. However, to catch sight of Vienna’s famous attractions such as the Parliament and Burgtheater or the Opera, you can go along the Sightseeing Bicycle Path Ringstrasse, which encircles the old city.

Meanwhile, riders will roll back the nature when rejoining the Danube bike patch at the Danube-Auen National Park, part of one of Europe’s last primeval forests.

6/Explore Music City, Nashville, USA

With the expansion of Nashville’s bikeways and greenways, cycling is the perfect way to catch sight of Music City’s legendary landmarks. The 13.7-kilometer City Tour Trainer route is a cruise alongside the Cumberland River, bringing a dramatic riverfront view of Music City’s skyline.

The route through two out of Nashville’s neighborhoods, including Germantown, which is home to the Tennessee State Museum and Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Cycling Routes More Attractive than Tour de France

The legendary cycling race Tour de France was kicked off on August 29, 2020, attracting a wide range of spectators worldwide. However, the Tour de France is not the most beautiful cycling routes in the world.

The followings are some of the most attractive cycling routes worldwide, from coastal trails to rainforest routes, from city cycles to lakeside loops.

1/ Round the Island Route, Isle of Wight, UK

The Isle of Wight is home to a 322-kilometer traffic-free cycling route via some of the most beautiful countryside in the United Kingdom (UK). Riders joining the “Round the Island” route will start in Whippingham and overcome 113 kilometers of superb on and off-road trails.

Lonely Planet, an Australia-based large travel guide book publisher, assessed that the Isle of Wight is one of the best places to explore by mountain bike. Therefore, riders can enjoy fantastic natural trails with a wide range of terrain and breath-taking views.

Notably, Wightlink, a ferry company of the Isle of Wight, will take visitors from the mainland to island in 22 minutes and offer foot passengers free bicycles.

2/ Cycle around Lake Garda

Some sections of the cycling track around the perimeter of Lake Garda are completed and served riders while the others are due to finish in 2021. To cycle around the Lack Garda, you can start from Limone sul Garda and follow the northwards for about two kilometers.

Besides, you can ride in a pre-existing lakeside route between Bardolino and Lazise. Bikes are available at both the end of the routes for being hired.

It is better to begin with a cup of Espresso and end with gelato while dangling legs into the lake.

3/Follow Coffee Route, Colombia

With the triumphant win of Egan Bernal at the Tour de France in 2019, Colombia has attracted the eyes of the world, especially its spectacular cycling training routes. When riding along these routes, you can enjoy the Colombian national parks and heritage village via the country.

They include the Coffee Route through Colombia’s Coffee Belt, which was recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2011.