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7 Tips to Ride in Strong Winds (P2)

4/Attract Your Capacity Center

The straighter your position is, the more wind you will be exposed to. The high position with your hands on the bar will expose your head and chest more, slow you down, and force you to put in a little more effort. 

To make things a little easier while improving your bike handling, lower your center of gravity. Cycling with your arms down, bend your elbows 90 degrees and head towards the handlebars. If the wind starts pushing your front wheels around the road, put more force down through the handlebars to improve your stability. You will be amazed by how much of a difference these small adjustments can make.

5/ Use Bigger Wheel and Through Your Speed

When climbing or cycling long distances, high tempo can sometimes be helpful to save energy and reduce fatigue on your feet. However, in the wind, the high tempo can make you feel less stable and quickly lose control of the vehicle. For this reason, it’s best to use a stiffer gear and lower span. This also makes stepping through strong winds more efficiently, as short acceleration in a large transmission can give you a little more control.

6/ Desiring Double In Method of Exposure

Buildings, cars, and trees can provide some shelter from the wind. The bad news is, whenever you take a break from these sheltered places, you become more exposed. A sudden gust in a place that isn’t hidden can be the most dangerous and potentially accidental. Be aware of more wind exposure in certain areas is essential, and preparing yourself by lowering your position and adjusting your rhythm can help keep you safe.

7/ Changing Your Way When It Is Danger

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the wind can make you too dangerous to drive. In these cases, pulling over the curb and checking the weather conditions is the best course of action. You can wait for it to get out, or if it’s too serious, arrange a ride home.

If you are near the coast or another exposed area, you can also route your route to an area with more shelter. But whichever option you choose, make sure safety is your number one priority. Not being able to ride for a day is definitely a better option than being unable to ride for long periods of time because you passed and ended up falling.

7 Tips to Ride in Strong Winds (P1)

Cycling in strong winds can be a challenge for the new riders as the winds will slow your space and cause a safety hazard. It makes it hard to stay upright and ride your bike in a straight line. Here are some tips to help you ride in the strong winds.

1/ Rotate with ride partners

Cyclists can use conserver about 40% of energy expenditure by drafting behind another, even without a heavy crosswind. Therefore, you should cooperate with your partners to ride in a paceline when winds are strong. This way will give you a big mental break from dealing with the wind all by yourself.

If you have few partners, take turns on the front of the pack. Each pull should be short, about 20-30 seconds to prevent burnout and fatigue.

2/ Use echelon technique in crosswinds

If you ride with two or three other cyclists, you should ride in an echelon to block some of the winds and make it easier for you to steer your bike. First, you need to slightly move to the side and behind the cyclist in front of you. You should find the best position to block as much wind as possible.

If the wind comes from the left, you should ride on the right of the partners at the front and vice versa if the wind is from the right.

If you ride with several cyclists, you should rotate turns on the front of a circular pattern.

3/ Leave aerobike at home 

Although you may not feel a big difference with a headwind, whenever the wind comes from angles, the aerodynamic equipment can put you at a disadvantage. The wider frames and deep-dish aero wheelsets can give the wind more to push against. This makes it tougher to control your bike and can slow your speed down.

Cycling World Championships to Take Place in Victoria in 2025

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Gran Fondo World Championships, one of the world’s leading amateur road cycling events, is slated to be held in the regional Victoria in 2025 thanks to the support from the Victorian government.

The championships are the top events of the UCI Grand Fondo World Series. They are expected to draw over 3,200 international and regional participants and crew to Victoria.

It will be the third time that the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships have been organized outside of Europe. The event will have the attendance of competitors from 50 nations and territories. It is estimated to bring $9.8 million in economic benefits to Victoria.

The Victorian government has pledged to support Cycling Australia in hosting the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Gran Fondo World Championships in the region. The support is part of its commitments on securing the world championships events and spreading the economic benefits of major sports tournaments across the region.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will last three days in September 2025 with the location to be determined soon. The event will include road races, time trials, and team relay events for both male and female riders.

As the host of the 2025 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, the tourism and cycling options of regional Victoria will be introduced to 60,000 participants over the course of the season.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will add to the list of the premier cycling events taking place in Victoria. Earlier, the region had hosted the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, the Amy’s Gran Fondo, and the Jayco Herald Sun Tour and Ballarat’s Road National Championships.

In Italian, Gran fondo means as “big ride,” which describes as a mass participation event attracting various riders of all ages and abilities.

Best Tips for Family Cycling

Cycling is one of the best leisure activities for your family at the weekend. Here are some tips for family cycling.

1/ Prepare Comfortable Bikes for Each Member

It is very uncomfortable to go on a long bike ride if you do not have a suitable bike that is the right size for you. Therefore, you should prepare bikes for their correct heights. Besides, you should adjust the seat accordingly. These preparations will help you go a long way without any complaints.

2/ Bikes are in Good Repair

No one wants to find out their tires are only halfway filled with air after starting riding. You should check out all bikes before heading out to make sure that they are in good condition.

3/ Wear Helmets

Helmets are important not only for motor riders but also for cyclists. They are not expensive but very important. The price of a helmet from the Amazon platform is only from $10-$20. You should make sure that the helmets fit everyone well before hitting the trail or road.

4/ Wear Comfortable Clothes and Accessories

You should wear comfortable clothing during bike rides. You should wear quality sneakers and not flip flops. Besides, you’d better wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Notably, it is important to apply sunscreen to come home without sunburn. If you do not want to use sunscreen, you can wear full coverage sun shirts.

5/ Stay Hydrated

You will find it easy to dehydrate when cycling. You should pack water and drink frequently. It is a great idea to set an alarm to remind everyone to drink water together. You can purchase many good water bottles on e-commerce platforms.

6/ Start Out Slow

You do not plan to cycle ten miles on the first trip out. You should start with small trips around your neighborhood and work your way to longer bike rides as a family.