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Top 6 best selling racing bikes (Part 2)

GIANT PROPEL -Bikes with pace and aerodynamics
Owing to the number of models and sizes, this bike also draws buyers. As Giant’s most expensive bike, Propel Advanced race bikes are still carefully provided for in appearance. The benefits of Propel Advanced are still spectacular colors and excellent technical architecture patterns.
It can be said that the Giant Propel Advanced Racing Bike is a professional bike that synthesizes Giant’s most advanced technology to give the bikers a great experience of speed and professionalism at any turn of the wheel.

It’s an option for those who are new to technical aerodynamic cycling

High-grade carbon frame and Giant innovations provide consumers with high-quality goods at the most affordable price. Suitable for those who start to learn road cycling and take part in small events.
As Giant’s most sophisticated car line, Giant Propel Advanced racing bikes are often carefully looked after in appearance. The benefits of Propel Advanced are still spectacular colors and excellent technical architecture patterns.

A merchandise range designed to be able to compete in long-distance competitive races. In addition to the available Propel Advanced technology, the Propel Advanced Pro 2 racing bikes come fitted with carbon aerodynamic rims along with more advanced transmissions. This is a product line for consumers who are serious about professionalism. If you are looking for a sport bike that is both powerful and sharp, you need to know about the Propel Advanced Pro 2-2018. The Propel series is also a high-end racing bike for both preparation and competition.
Giant Propel Advanced SL is the most advanced race bike in the Giant Propel Advanced SL series. The car is supplied by Giant to the Giant-Alpecin Racing Team to compete in the most important races in the world. This is not only a device that puts together all of Giant’s technical quintessence, but also a true pace machine on the road, a product for those who are very passionate and want to own a class bike.

Top 6 best selling racing bikes (Part 1)

The culture that is passionate about sport in general and about cycling in particular is continually expanding, with more and more people being involved in this sport. And as every sport requires a tool, soccer requires balls, tennis needs a ball racket, swimming needs goggles, … For people who are excited about riding, finding a bike for themselves is the most crucial consideration with several criteria to remember before making a purchasing decision.

Giant racing bikes

Giant TCR advanced

TCR stands for “Absolute Lightweight Road”-Professional race cars have many excellent features. The characteristic feature of the TCR is its ultra-light weight and ultra-compact diameter, while also maintaining rigidity and a revolution in architecture. With a special feature that makes it easier for riders to get uphill.

Choosing a partner is very critical in races

It decides 60 percent of the race success. As a result, Giant has investigated and produced high-end TCR race cars with special features. With each TCR product, the professionalism is improved and created by Giant, and all products receive the attention of the riders. In specific, the TCR Advanced Racing Bike is a multi-purpose all-rounder with the benefit of gentle climbing and better use of the pedals of the racers.

TCR Advanced 3 – 2018

TCR is considered a lightweight vehicle with characteristics that are ideal for competing in the hardest events. Giant TCR Advanced racing bike with tubeless technology and carbon neck tube (OverDrive 2) allows the ability to change course more flexibly, making riding and riding the bike much easier. Around the same time, these functions also lead to an efficient reduction of vehicle weight.

In terms of configuration, first and foremost, the frame and fork made of Giant ‘s Advanced-grade Composite Carbon are assembled on a new manufacturing line with high complexity and tough, super robust, super light. The frame is crafted at each point of touch, the ribbed wire structure produces a car of beauty and strong aesthetics. Giant TCR Specialized racing bikes are made from biomass, in addition to ensuring that the bicycle has a low weight also helps to improve rigidity, and is more ideal for riding on a range of terrains. The middle shaft of the frame is used with the “PowerCore” technology to improve performance.

7 Tips to Ride in Strong Winds (P2)

4/Attract Your Capacity Center

The straighter your position is, the more wind you will be exposed to. The high position with your hands on the bar will expose your head and chest more, slow you down, and force you to put in a little more effort. 

To make things a little easier while improving your bike handling, lower your center of gravity. Cycling with your arms down, bend your elbows 90 degrees and head towards the handlebars. If the wind starts pushing your front wheels around the road, put more force down through the handlebars to improve your stability. You will be amazed by how much of a difference these small adjustments can make.

5/ Use Bigger Wheel and Through Your Speed

When climbing or cycling long distances, high tempo can sometimes be helpful to save energy and reduce fatigue on your feet. However, in the wind, the high tempo can make you feel less stable and quickly lose control of the vehicle. For this reason, it’s best to use a stiffer gear and lower span. This also makes stepping through strong winds more efficiently, as short acceleration in a large transmission can give you a little more control.

6/ Desiring Double In Method of Exposure

Buildings, cars, and trees can provide some shelter from the wind. The bad news is, whenever you take a break from these sheltered places, you become more exposed. A sudden gust in a place that isn’t hidden can be the most dangerous and potentially accidental. Be aware of more wind exposure in certain areas is essential, and preparing yourself by lowering your position and adjusting your rhythm can help keep you safe.

7/ Changing Your Way When It Is Danger

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the wind can make you too dangerous to drive. In these cases, pulling over the curb and checking the weather conditions is the best course of action. You can wait for it to get out, or if it’s too serious, arrange a ride home.

If you are near the coast or another exposed area, you can also route your route to an area with more shelter. But whichever option you choose, make sure safety is your number one priority. Not being able to ride for a day is definitely a better option than being unable to ride for long periods of time because you passed and ended up falling.

7 Tips to Ride in Strong Winds (P1)

Cycling in strong winds can be a challenge for the new riders as the winds will slow your space and cause a safety hazard. It makes it hard to stay upright and ride your bike in a straight line. Here are some tips to help you ride in the strong winds.

1/ Rotate with ride partners

Cyclists can use conserver about 40% of energy expenditure by drafting behind another, even without a heavy crosswind. Therefore, you should cooperate with your partners to ride in a paceline when winds are strong. This way will give you a big mental break from dealing with the wind all by yourself.

If you have few partners, take turns on the front of the pack. Each pull should be short, about 20-30 seconds to prevent burnout and fatigue.

2/ Use echelon technique in crosswinds

If you ride with two or three other cyclists, you should ride in an echelon to block some of the winds and make it easier for you to steer your bike. First, you need to slightly move to the side and behind the cyclist in front of you. You should find the best position to block as much wind as possible.

If the wind comes from the left, you should ride on the right of the partners at the front and vice versa if the wind is from the right.

If you ride with several cyclists, you should rotate turns on the front of a circular pattern.

3/ Leave aerobike at home 

Although you may not feel a big difference with a headwind, whenever the wind comes from angles, the aerodynamic equipment can put you at a disadvantage. The wider frames and deep-dish aero wheelsets can give the wind more to push against. This makes it tougher to control your bike and can slow your speed down.