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Most Popular Casino Games in Canada-Slots Top

Canada is one of the most easy-going countries to allow playing offline and online casino games even though many parts of the North American country ban gambling online.

In the 1970s, casino games were forbidden and illegal in Canada as the Canadian authorities said that too much crime and underworld gambling organized. The blanket ban on gambling was the only way that they could control it.

However, in 1985, Canada issued the Criminal Code, allowing each territory and province had control over its gambling laws. The flexibility of the Canadian gambling laws opens the market to offline and online casino games.

Time to time, Canadians are keen one many kinds of games at casinos, including spinning the reels of slots, playing baccarat or blackjack, having a pop at the roulette wheel, and others. The followings are the most popular games that Canadians play at casinos.

The most famous games in Canadian casinos are slots. There are many kinds of slots, such as classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots, mobile/3D slots.

Of which, classic slots are the most straightforward game for beginners to play. These games rarely come with many unique features. When playing, players will have three reels and very few pay lines, similar to the one-armed bandits and classic fruits machines of old.

Meanwhile, video slots games have many shapes and sizes, unique themes with a surplus of pay lines. Progressive jackpot slots and mobile or 3D slots are the other forms of video slots.

Besides slots, Canadians have interested in other casino games such as RNG Table Games, Live Dealer Table Games, Instant Win Games, Scratch Cards, Video Poker, Sports Betting, Bingo, and Lottery Games, and Poker.

According to the existing Canadian regulations, all Canadian gamblers, including professional players and amateur ones, are required to pay tax on any earnings they gain from the casino games.