4 Best Cyclists of all Time

Cycling has become a popular sport that even attracts endorsements. Due to this popularity, more people are seeking to make a name for themselves among the world’s best cyclists. Here are four of the best in cycling history.

Fausto Coppi

There is a good reason why Fausto Coppi is known by the name, Campionissimo. This name means ‘the champion of champions.’ Coppi is a world champion, a world hour record holder, won the Tour de France race twice and the Giro d’Italia race five times.

Jacques Anquetil

This was the first-ever winner of the Tour de France race, and he won the race five times with consecutive wins between 1961 and 1964. He was excellent at time trailing. Anquetil is one of the only six riders who have won all three grand tours.

Gino Bartali

Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi were big rivals, worse so, that they divided Italian cycling fans. Their rivalry was so intense that the two could not even stand representing their country in one championship. Bartali made a name for himself when he won the Tour de France race in 1938 and did it again in 1948. He won the Giro thrice. He is also known to be a hero to the Jews, using his training to rescue prosecuted Jews during World War II.

Beryl Burton

This is one of the most famous and greatest female names to be recorded in cycling. She won seven world titles and 96 British titles. However, she never turned professional and even rejected an offer from Raleigh Bicycles in 1960. Burton held the 12-hour record for both men and women for two years. Her career was so long that she even raced against her daughter in the 1975 British title.

Although there are other popular names like Lance Armstrong, the people mentioned above have made strong marks in cycling history.