Championship Winner Predictions in the Tour de France 2020

The Tour de France is one of the most celebrated cycling events that the world looks forward to. Since its first race,

many players have made names for themselves by targeting the yellow jersey. There is no doubt that one has to be the best of the best to, first of all, make it as a participating cyclist and then win the race.

2020 is no different for this race since many people are already looking forward to watching or participating. Though there are still uncertainties as to whether or not the Tour de France will take place at its scheduled time, there is no harm in looking at the prospect winners.

The 2020 Tours de France Forecast

Julian Alaphilippe has not yet given any statement on whether he is going for the winning title, but a lot of prospects point towards his direction. The French cyclist from St-Amand Montrond started riding at 13 years when he had to choose his bike over the drums. However, it was not until 2014 that he went pro.

2019 was a fantastic year for Alaphilippe when he made history for being among the word’s most significant cyclists after winning 12 times in six different countries. This happened in a span of only 11 months. In the same year, he was among the yellow jersey contenders, yet not many had expected him to be so defensive of the title.

Though it is in his best interest that he remains an underdog as he re-enters the race, there are high chances that he could be the first-ever French Tour de France winner that his country has produced since 1985. Having won the Velo d’Or race, Alaphilippe is not such an underdog as he might try to depict. However, we can only wait for the 2020 race and see whether he will become the new Tour de France champion.