4 Key Benefits of Cycling in the Lockdown Era

As the world continues to fight Covid-19, many people have had to stay at home either in the form of partial or total lockdown. Cycling is one of the activities that have proven to be a great way to keep people connected and at least in shape during this season. Here are four benefits that come with cycling during the lockdown.

It Keeps Humans Connected

One of the safest ways of staying connected during this lockdown has been by the use of bikes. Many people have picked up cycling as a hobby and can enjoy their daily rides while maintaining social distances. Also, a lot of deliveries are made using bikes which is not only fast but also cheaper since one does not need gas fuel.

Supports New Infrastructure

Several cities in the world have responded to cycling benefits by creating a cycling-friendly infrastructure which is to be used even after Covid-19. Bogota is one of the areas where new cycling networks were tested to help expand the use of bikes. Also, NUMO lent e-bikes to healthcare workers to ease their work.

Health Benefits

Cycling a bike is more important to your health than you could have thought. As people cycle for a few minutes to get to work or make a delivery, they increase their body metabolism and increase their brain alertness. The activity also helps one burn excess calories and help people tone their bodies. Studies have shown that cycling helps to decrease the risk of getting cancer and heart diseases.

Economic Recovery

The global economy is currently experiencing some of its worst days to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cycling can help ease this effect by providing a low-carbon option for transport which consequently means better climate reports. Cycling infrastructure registers higher retail sales with deliveries being made three times more compared to vehicle deliveries.