Top 4 Things Every New Cyclist Needs

Cycling is quickly becoming a very popular sport, with many people taking it up in hopes that they can take part in international races. For others, cycling is a hobby that keeps them fit.

Whatever reason you have for taking up cycling, here are four things that will keep you motivated.

A Quality Bike

Though this might seem like an obvious one, it is necessary to mention the quality of bike you will need to start out as a cyclist.

There are several options in the market, and prices range from £500 to over £10,000.

As a beginner, you won’t need the most expensive one out there, but try to balance price and quality so you don’t spend too much time or money on maintenance.

A Cyclist’s Jersey

You can get by with regular clothes, especially if you plan to be a short-distance cyclist. However, there’s always the option of smart-looking cyclist jerseys that are long-lasting to boot.

These jerseys are made of materials that help you stay cool when it is hot. They also absorb sweat, so you do not get too wet during long cycling trips.

Do not forget to invest in a good helmet as well.

A Water Bottle

Since you lose a lot of fluids when you sweat, it’s easy to become dehydrated.

Having a good water bottle at your side will come in handy under such circumstances. Be sure to also get a bottle cage if your bike does not come with one.

Tools and Spare Parts

You can never tell when you will need to fix a broken chain or refill a flat tire. For this reason, it’s best to always carry chain oil, a spare tube, a pump, and other tools, along with you.

You can ask a local bike shop to help you choose the right ones.