Top Four Global Cycling Competitions

Cycling competitions attract as many participants as track marathons. Many cyclists look forward to such events to

celebrate their fellow cyclists or participate as well. Here are four of the most well-known cycling competitions in the world today.

Tour de France

This is the most famous cycling competition. It takes place in France annually. The first-ever Tour de France race took place in 1903 where 60 cyclists toured 250 miles of Paris with over 20,000 fans showing up to cheer them on. It was held in support of the L’Auto cycling newspaper, and since then it has grown to be a very prestigious event.

Today, the race involves a 2000 mile cycling race with a circus of fans, corporate sponsors and local and international journalists following the trails to the end.

Milan San Remo

Milan San Remo is the longest cycling race for pro cyclists in a day. It covers 185 miles with two small climbs, though most of the journey is usually a flat road. The race seeks to find the most enduring cyclist with the winner being one who has made the least mistakes. Most of the time, the weather is usually unpredictable, and cyclists have to brave the strong winds in the region.

Giro d’Italia

The first-ever Giro race took place in 1909. It is usually a 21 days event, covering 2000 to 2200 miles. The event is generally very extravagant, with fireworks shows starting as early as a week before the race. In as much as it is a mostly Italian event, cyclists from other countries still participate.

Amgen Tour of California

Although this race is not as old as the other three, it is America’s most important bike races. It covers 650 to 750 miles and lasts for eight days. Sometimes the event collides with Giro d’Italia, but the attendance is still impressive, and many cyclists look forward to it.