Top Four Toughest Global Cycling Competitions

To be a great cyclist, you not only need to be fast, but you also need to work on your endurance. Tough races best test this. Here are four of the most challenging cycling races you will come across.

Transcontinental Race

The transcontinental race has been around for around seven years now. Cyclists have to cycle through 4000 km from the start and the finish point plus four checkpoints. In the latest edition, cyclists started at the Black Sea in Bulgaria to Brest, France through Serbia, Italy and finally France.

The climbs are usually tough on their own and cycling across the various terrains is the ultimate test of endurance for any cycler.

Trans Pyr Ultramarathon

This bike marathon starts at the Mediterranean Sea and goes all the way to San Sebastian in Spain. The entire journey is usually about 820 km and lasts for eight days. One has to go through a continuous climbing section of about 20000 metres which is quite an intense race.

Race Across America

Race Across America is a 4830 km race from the Oceanside of California to Maryland, Annapolis. Cyclists are not necessarily required to sleep during the competition, but many take at least 2 hours of sleep daily to get their energy boost back. Over 35 countries participate in this race with teams of 8 people. It is open for both pro and amateur riders.

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

Costa Rica has a fantastic challenge for cyclists using this race. Many athletes do not take the challenge until they are sure enough of their endurance capacity. It is actually one of the most feared in the world. There are five mountain ranges on the route plus forests and canyons. Many cyclists that have done this race say that it is one the toughest cycling race they have ever participated in.