The right sports cycling guide from the expert

Cycling has a lot of health benefits. However if you don’t know how to ride a sports bike properly, there will be disadvantages. Listen to an expert on how to ride your bike properly. 

Prepare to ride a sportbike 

It’s quite important to prepare for cycling

Take some time to prepare enough for cycling, such as: drinking water before training, starting some exercises on the wrists, legs, sports clothing, adjusting the saddle.

When adjusting the sports bike saddle, be careful that your foot is at the lowest point of the pedal relative to the road surface. When you’re sitting on the saddle and moving, make sure your knees are slightly lower than your hips. 

Best posture for a sport bike ride 

Many people on a sports bike instinctively ride their backs upright. However if you hold the pedal position like that during the exercise, it will make you feel numb, back pain quickly.

How to use the handlebars 

When handling a sports bike handlebar, you should hold your hand comfortably, release your wrists, but be sure to master the entire driving process. 

Standard sitting position 

As for sitting posture, according to expert advice, to ride a sports bike properly, you must keep your back straight, comfortable, not too forced. You should not sit in the accelerator/deceleration rack all the time, when you go up a steep hill, you should pull your butt slightly to control the speed. 

Learn about cycling strategies 

In addition, the 4-4-2 cycling strategy of the professional must be followed. That’s the rule: 

Four minutes of sitting, focusing on the right buttock. 

+4 minutes to change position, focus on the left buttock 

+2 minutes of sitting in the middle of the room.

Keep in mind your speed when riding a sportbike 

Unlike standard bicycles, sports bikes are fitted with various speeds (depending on the manufacturer and model of bike). If you know how to make the most of this feature, you can have a great sport bike experience.

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