Top Four Trends in Cycling Equipment in 2020

There are many technological disruptions in almost every industry and the two-wheeled means of transport has not been left behind. With 2019 introducing exceptional cycling shoes, cycling computers and e-bikes, 2020 is another fantastic year full of anticipation for the cycling community. Here are a few trends you should look out for.

Rideable Indoor Trainers

Already, 2020 has given people more reason to embrace the indoor environment. One can still get amazing machines for indoor training. Wahoo, Stages, Wattbike and SRM had unique innovations in 2019, and the 2020 indoor series is expected to embrace more real-life experiences.

3-D Printed Saddles

If one’s saddle is not comfortable, a riding experience can be a pain that no one wants to have to deal with. Companies such as Specialized and Fizik have promised to release incredible new custom saddles for the public. Carbon, a Silicon Valley tech firm is already developing new saddles that does away with the over-used foam padding.

Faster Aluminium Wheels

Its time to say goodbye to the carbon whitewash wheels, especially if you want to ride faster. Already, Prime and Hunt launched new aluminium wheels. Both innovations are light-weight which are archived by the disc brakes that build lighter rims. This reduces the rolling weight and consequently increases speed. All this is achieved without the extra costs that come with buying carbon.

Rothem Smart Bike Rear Light

Rothem seeks to make bike lights more intelligent with this new rear light. It has a smart bike backlight with a buzzer, HD Camera, radar, a mic and speakers plus the panel with several LEDs. The lights make the cyclists more visible on the road while the radar tracks how close a car is getting and shows it to the cyclist on their phone’s screen. In case of any accidents, tracking what happened is much easier since the footage is uploaded on the cloud.